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National Security Crisis Law Invitational

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INSCT is proud to announce that Syracuse University College of Law has been invited to participate in the first annual

National Security Crisis Law Invitational

sponsored by Georgetown Law Center

Friday, April 4, 2013 -Saturday, April 5, 2013, Washington, D.C.

Over a two-day period, participating students will confront a series of national security threats and crises from the perspective of an institutional member of the National Security Council, working with teams from other nationally-recognized national security law programs. This innovative, integrative, problem-solving exercise will give students the opportunity to get to know their peers at other law schools and to forge a relationship with experts who practice national security law in Washington, D.C., as well as observers from law firms, government agencies, Congressional committees, and non-profit organizations inside the Beltway.

For more information, please see the link below for a video that offers a glimpse of the students in action and an overview of the structure and goals of the simulation.


INSCT will be sponsoring a four-person team to participate under the guidance of faculty advisor and INSCT Director, Professor William C. Banks. The team will be comprised of three SU College of Law students and Maxwell graduate student.

***Please be advised that this event, though taking place in spring 2013, requires a significant amount of preparation; therefore, applications are being requested early.***

Cost information:

  • A travel stipend of $100 per student will be provided; this can be applied toward airfare, train tickets, or gasoline and tolls for those who elect to drive to D.C.
  • Lodging for Friday evening will be paid for by INSCT; however, students will be assigned to double-occupancy rooms.
  • Meals during Saturday's competition will be provided by Georgetown Law; any other meals are the responsibility of the student.

Application process:

To apply for a position on the Syracuse team, please submit the following to Marlene Diamond (mhdiamon@law.syr.edu) by 5:00 on Monday, October 15, 2012.

  • Transcript
  • Resume
  • Cover letter

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