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  1. “The cyber threat is simultaneously a national and homeland security threat and a counterintelligence problem.” View the full article
  2. Ransomware, Hacks, and Cybersecurity Issues: As long as there are users there will be issues Various media outlets have reported a dramatic rise in ransomware attacks and the NY Times reported that the most recent attacks impacted over 200,000 machines running the Windows operating systems (OS), across 150 countries. The NYTimes article posits that hospitals, […] View the full article
  3. View the full article
  4. View the full article
  5. For full text, see our post. Once again, the NIST Framework is key. Each Agency has 90 days to provide a risk management report to the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Director of the OMB. DHS, OMB, Commerce, General Services and the White House staff then have 60 days to submit to the President […] View the full article
  6. For Immediate Release May 11, 2017 Presidential Executive Order on Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure EXECUTIVE ORDER – – – – – – – STRENGTHENING THE CYBERSECURITY OF FEDERAL NETWORKS AND CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States […] View the full article
  7. Cybersecurity: House Committee Looks to Build on Public-Private Partnerships (RAPS): Many proposed plans or recommendations for addressing the myriad of cyber security challenges today involve some emphasis on establishing relationships between the public and private sector. According to one report earlier this week, the House Energy & Commerce Committee held a hearing to explore how to […] View the full article
  8. The Pew Research Center recently conducted an online survey on cyber security. The majority of participants were unable to answer even half of the questions correctly. The article reporting the results contains a link to the 13 question quiz so you can see how you compare to the average American. According to the article, the […] View the full article
  9. Syracuse University came out on top in new rankings for the best college cyber security programs. Military Times produced the rankings, which had University of Nebraska-Omaha, Drexel University, Bellevue University, and University of Maryland finishing two through five, respectively. An article discussing the results and methodology explained that several factors were taken into consideration. One […] View the full article
  10. Gorsuch on Cyber-Related Issues: Part Two (Lawfare): Two weeks ago, we recapped the first in a series of posts covering Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch and his depth of knowledge in cyber. The second part was posted last week and covered computer searches, specifically in the context of timeliness and particularity. The post discusses Gorsuch’s […] View the full article
  11. Former NSA Inspector General Releases Cybersecurity Recommendations For Trump (WBUR Boston): A recent article summarized an MIT report that recommended eight ways for President Trump to secure critical infrastructure. The article said that the report featured guest writing from former NSA IG Joel Brenner, and advocated for including the private sector. The article contains some quotes from […] View the full article
  12. Congress just killed your Internet privacy protections (CNN): Congress voted along party lines to repeal internet privacy protections yesterday. According to one article, the fate of privacy now rests with President Trump and the White House is on the record as “strongly support[ing]” the repeal. The rules had not yet taken effect, but would have required […] View the full article
  13. NATO to Seek Bids for $3.2 Billion in Satellite, Cyber Security (Bloomberg): Pending NATO contracts will focus on satellite communications, air and missile defense systems, software, and cyber security. An article said that the $3.2 billion commitment is representative of the organization’s adjustment to new threats, including those from Russian meddling and increased cyber attacks. Specifically, […] View the full article
  14. As we continue to move to a world wherein all things are networked and even toys now have connections to the cloud, people need to be cognizant and careful. According to the Hacker News, in 2015 the toy manufacturer VTech revealed that they had suffered a data breach which resulted in the exfiltration of personally […] View the full article
  15. New leak exposes a trove of personal passwords and sensitive info (Mashable): News over the weekend suggests that a recent leak could be one of the most devastating in recent memory. The report says that Cloudflare, one of the biggest websites for internet security, was the victim of a hack. Unfortunately, according to the article, the extent […] View the full article